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A natural alternative for water treatment!


AquaHills Water, LLC is a Distributor of Oxy Blast and Essential Hydrogen Peroxide products. We provide water treatment solutions to those who are dealing with everyday issues associated with well water. With the help of proper filtration and Oxy Blast water treatment, we believe we have the answers for you!


  • Essential Hydrogen Peroxide    

  • Oxy Blast Plus NSF    

  • Oxy Blast 

  • Pumps    



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For those not needing the extra benefits our other Oxy Blast Products provide, we offer Essential™ Hydrogen Peroxide. It is pure and simple with all the powerful oxidizing properties of hydrogen peroxide and nothing more. Essential Hydrogen Peroxide is a great way to start experiencing the potential of added oxygen in your water and benefits in removing water contaminants.

Essential Hydrogen Peroxide can be used in the same applications as Oxy Blast where the additional benefits of Oxy Blast and longer shelf life are not of importance.



  • 34% Essential Hydrogen Peroxide is available in 15 Gallon, 55 Gallon, and 330 Gallon Totes.





Oxy Blast Plus™ hydrogen peroxide is the bigger brother to Oxy Blast®. With Oxy Blast Plus you get the extra benefits of Oxy Blast with our specially designed formula, plus the NSF Certification1 of Oxy Natural. And of course, it utilizes the same powerful oxidizing action as the rest of our Oxy Blast Products.


Oxy Blast Plus is used when an NSF Certification is necessary and the additional benefits of Oxy Blast are also desired.



  • Grade A dairy water treatment (in select states)



  • 34% Oxy Blast is available in 15 Gallon, 55 Gallon, and 330 Gallon Totes.

  • 50% Oxy Blast is available in 15 Gallon, 50 Gallon, and 300 Gallon Totes.




Oxy Blast® hydrogen peroxide is our signature water treatment product with a proprietary formula developed for the residential and agricultural markets. It’s been established through many years of successful use in the well water treatment and animal production industries. The core of Oxy Blast is composed of two important elements, water and oxygen. When Oxy Blast combines with water, it increases the oxygen content in the water, yielding clearer, cleaner water.




  • Clearing water contaminants

  • Providing better tasting water in homes

  • Improving water consumption rates in livestock and poultry operations

  • Increasing water clarity in ponds and fountain features

  • Increasing water line pressure and flow rate




  • 7% Oxy Blast can be explained as Residential Use Only. Available in 5 Gallon and 15 Gallon containers.

  • 34% Oxy Blast is available in 5 Gallon, 15 Gallon, 55 Gallon, and 330 Gallon Totes.

  • 50% Oxy Blast is available in 15 Gallon, 50 Gallon, and 300 Gallon Totes.



Peristaltic Pumps

We’ve partnered with the Stenner Pump Company and Genesis Instruments to bring you the most reliable series of pumps on the market for use with your Oxy Blast® treatment system. With hundreds of different pump choices and configurations, we ensure you get the exact pump for your application.

Stenner pumps come with a one year factory warranty. We stock commonly serviced Stenner parts to ship same-day for your convenience, and can of course order any part from Stenner you may need.


Drum Pumps

For a quick and simple transfer of product from one container to another, we offer the Ezi-action® drum pump from the New Zealand Pump Company. It’s not just a clever name, it’s the easiest to use drum pump we’ve come across and completely serviceable.


Our Referral Program


We feel that "word of mouth" advertising is the best form of advertising and we want to reward you for telling others about our product. Through our 5% referral fee, we reward you for sharing your testimonial. Call us today or click below to get started now.

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