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Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial Water Systems

Aqua Hills Water solutions comes to you for your lifestyle and good health needs. The demand for cleaner, clearer water continues to grow with 42% of the population buying bottled water, our commitment is to help that number go down through quality water systems that will allow us to buy less bottled water and in turn help the environment.


For great-tasting drinking water, the luxurious feeling of soft water, and the many benefits associated with cleaner indoor air, there is one company that families across North America trust – RainSoft. Since 1953, it has been the RainSoft and their distributors mission to take the worry out of water, and to help our customers rid their homes of airborne contaminants. The Aqua Hills Water distributor partnership with RainSoft brings you these solutions with this industry leader.


Home water treatment is big business . Drinking water alone makes up $2.5 billion a year.


Water treatment is an $18 billion a year industry and water treatment business opportunities continue to grow, with the consumer demand not only for human consumption but also for dairy farming, beef cattle, poultry, as well as a growing concern for pet health and home solutions.

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