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With over 50 years in the home water treatment and softening industry, RainSoft is a leading provider of business and home water filtration systems that are long-lasting and dependable. With most of our water treatment systems carrying a lifetime limited warranty, you’re assured better quality drinking, bathing and washing water with dependability you can trust.


Our home water treatment and filtration specialists can show you exactly what is in your water, what the causes might be and the best way to treat it. And the best part? There’s no obligation! Find out how a RainSoft professional from AquaHills Water can help make your water better.


What’s in your water? Find out!
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Let one of our trained water treatment professionals from AquaHills Water assess your home water treatment needs with a complimentary, in-home analysis of your water. Find out which premier water conditioning system is right for your family or business. Simply fill out this form and we’ll do the rest!


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For more information concerning water and it's quality, get our more complete list of frequently asked questions about water quality by simply emailing us in the above contact form...



Did you know most water problems are not easily detectable? Learn More about Water Quality with Aqua Hills Water. Committed to "Quality Water For All, For Life!"





Water filter systems are relied on by homeowners throughout the world to enhance the quality of their household water. The composition of water can vary widely due to local conditions, but one problem faced by many homeowners is a strong “rotten egg” smell that emanates from the tap. When any odor, taste, or other water quality issue becomes apparent, it is important to have the water professionally tested to determine the source of the problem. However, the good news is that the distinctive “rotten egg” aroma, while highly unpleasant, usually poses no health risks and is not a cause for alarm. Oftentimes, it occurs due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas in the water supply, and can be easily addressed by a water filtration system.


In most cases, hydrogen sulfide gas is produced by sulfate-reducing bacteria, which are harmless to humans from a health perspective. These bacteria release a sulfuric odor after they digest naturally occurring sulfur-based elements in the water. Regardless of its source, this nuisance can be eliminated. Whole house water filter systems can effectively remove sulfur – and thus the offensive smell that is associated with it – along with a variety of other contaminants and additives, including:


  • Iron

  • Manganese

  • Nitrates

  • Chloramines

  • Sediment

  • And more


Whether or not they are aware of any water quality problems, many homeowners are interested in learning more about the composition of their household water, and if there are any ways that it can be improved. Because water filter systems are best recommended on a case-by-case basis, it’s a good idea to have a professional water analysis performed by a local expert who can explain the results and their implications.


RainSoft has been a leading manufacturer of water treatment systems since 1953. Since that time, we have upheld a strong commitment to delivering high-quality products, such as home water filter systems, which are backed by world-class support and Limited Lifetime Warranties.

Find the answers to these and other questions about water quality for homes, farms, and businesses with the water experts at AquaHillsWater.



For a complimentary, in-home water analysis that will show you exactly what’s in your water, contact us today. 715-586-8000


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