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Air Purification Systems

AquaHills Water Air Purification Systems by RainSoft 

The AirMaster Ultra™ – An Advanced Air Purification System from RainSoft that Treats the Whole House


Considering all the time that your family spends indoors, it only makes sense to invest in an air purification system, one that reduces airborne contaminants and eliminates unpleasant odors. The AirMaster Ultra™ from RainSoft is a highly advanced air purifier that can make the air you breathe at home considerably better. Instead of simply trapping airborne particles and smells, the AirMaster Ultra™ actually kills, sterilizes, and neutralizes them. Plus, because it’s duct-mounted, the AirMaster Ultra™ will purify the air throughout your whole house, not just a single room.


Your family deserves an air purification system that is highly effective at producing cleaner, healthier air. As with all RainSoft products, the AirMaster Ultra™ is a technologically advanced and reliable product that will improve your family’s quality of life.

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