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Our Philisophy and About AquaHills Water


Mark Diehl grew up on his family’s small hobby farm outside of Osseo, Wisconsin.  Helping to take care of the family’s beef cows gave him the opportunity to be active in 4-H and FFA and the ability to show animals at the Trempealeau County Fair.  Like many youth growing up in the area, he developed a passion for Agriculture.



His passion for Agriculture led him to the U of MN where he studied Chemistry, Biology, and Marketing.  He worked for 15 years at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, working with animal lovers, farmers, and large scale producers .  


Working with these Producers gave him a greater appreciation of the lengths they take to ensure animal health and the role Water has in this process.  As he continued to work in this area, he observed the positive impact good clean water had on the animals.  This sparked an interest in not only animal consumption of healthy water but human consumption as well.


Realizing the importance of better water, Mark recently moved back to his roots and started AquaHills Water, LLC, where he can now help people optimize their quality of life and contribute to their health with better water solutions for human consumption.  In addition, he continues working with animals as well with water solutions he offers to the Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial markets. 




With Water being the most important consumable for the human body and having a strong chemistry and biology background himself Mark and the Aqua Hills Water Company brings you cost effective solutions for residential water consumption and usage that are environmentally friendly.

Consider the condition of your water that you use every day and it's effects on you, your pets and the environment. 


Know Your waters Condition!

The technology has always been here to boost productivity and herd health whether its dairy, beef , or any other animal production safely and naturally.​We bring you the solutions that repeatedly proove to increase your bottom line in production that make good natural sense.


We teach you about the products and train you in the applications to boost production with the simple solution of water quality consumption control.

Imagine how much time you spend at work each day, each month, each year in your lifetime. We bring the best quality water to the workplace too.


Learn about the same systems that major hotel chains have used for years and simple water solutions for the workplace to promote better productivity and a healthier work place environment.


You and your employees deserve the best quality water.

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