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A natural alternative for water treatment!


AquaHills Water, LLC is a Distributor of Oxy Blast and Essential Hydrogen Peroxide products. We provide water treatment solutions to those who are dealing with everyday issues associated with well water. With the help of proper filtration and Oxy Blast water treatment, we believe we have the answers for you!


    Essential Hydrogen Peroxide    

    Oxy Blast Plus NSF    

    Oxy Blast 



  • EC5 Series Features


    Immediate Condition ResponsePush any button and the EC5 wakes up to display the system status with any applicable instructions or messages.

    Power Outage RecoveryIf power is lost during the regeneration process, the EC5 will automatically recover and complete the process once power is restored. This feature ensures that all scheduled regeneration cycles are never missed, and that soft water is always available.

    Instant Informational AlertsThe EC5 provides real-time system status notifications for low salt, loss of power and power restored, service reminders for filter changes, and other useful reminders. These notifications are provided on both the system display as well as the RainSoft Remind® app.

    Redesigned Interactive DisplayThe EC5 provides easy-to-read and understandable system information via a six-line LCD display, which is ideally angled for optimal viewing.

    Energy Efficient ControlA new, redesigned DC power supply uses less electricity than conventional AC power supplies found on other brands of water treatment equipment. There are also fewer moving parts, resulting in increased system reliability and long, trouble-free operation.

    Proportional Brine and RinseOverall system efficiency is achieved with RainSoft’s proportional brining feature. Saves on overall salt and water consumption with shorter regeneration cycles based upon specific household water usage.

  • Oxy Blast® hydrogen peroxide is our signature water treatment product with a proprietary formula developed for the residential and agricultural markets. It’s been established through many years of successful use in the well water treatment and animal production industries. The core of Oxy Blast is composed of two important elements, water and oxygen. When Oxy Blast combines with water, it increases the oxygen content in the water, yielding clearer, cleaner water.




    • Clearing water contaminants

    • Providing better tasting water in homes

    • Improving water consumption rates in livestock and poultry operations

    • Increasing water clarity in ponds and fountain features

    • Increasing water line pressure and flow rate




    • 7% Oxy Blast can be explained as Residential Use Only. Available in 5 Gallon and 15 Gallon containers.

    • 34% Oxy Blast is available in 5 Gallon, 15 Gallon, 55 Gallon, and 330 Gallon Totes.

    • 50% Oxy Blast is available in 15 Gallon, 50 Gallon, and 300 Gallon Totes.

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